Asphalt Mixing Plant on Inner Mongolia Highway

Asphalt Mixing Plant on Inner Mongolia Highway

baotou Government attaches great importance on environmental protection; thus our client urban construction group of baotou has strict requirements when we design and manufacture this plant. Our engineers adopt state-of-the-art technology and our best workmanship to satisfy client's requirements.

Client requirement:

Minimal air pollution, dust emission must be lower than 100mg/Nm³.

Our response:

(i)Staircase built-in and safety interlocking device provides a good guarantee for the personal safety of operator;;

(ii)Semi-closed status; two-stage strong dust collector, emission concentration <20mg/Nm3;

(iii) The vibrating screening and mixing cylinder are containerized, So that the large of dust is effectively controlled during the production process, such as washing the mixing pot, unloading waste or sieving;

Customer feedback:

I am glad that we chose to go with shanghai Doan. Doan's workmanship, expertise and service are unmatched by any other plant manufacturers we met before. Their equipment performed well for us